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MONSTER WINCH 12000LBS 12v Electric with Synthetic Rope

MONSTER WINCH 12000LBS 12v Electric with Synthetic Rope

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MONSTER WINCH 12000LBS 12v Electric with Synthetic Rope

The Ironman 4x4 Monster winch collection has a range of features for the most extreme vehicle recoveries. The Monster Winch was designed with a sole mission to be the most reliable, versatile electric winch on the market.  

Starting with the high power, low friction motor. This heavy-duty winch puts out 6.4hp and features high strength alloys and ultra-slick low friction materials for added durability and heat reduction. The straight engage clutch paired with a 3 stage planetary gearbox at a 265:1 gear ratio allows all of these components to take full advantage of the winch's 12000 pounds of pulling power.  

The motor is wrapped in a watertight IP69 rating housing to keep the internals free from moisture. For ultimate performance in wet climate conditions, the Ironman 4x4 Monster winch features a winch breather, directly integrated into motor the housing. This patented design was conceived from the demanding recoveries in the Australian outback. When a winch in submerged and being used in a recovery situation, the heat generated by the internal components creates a vacuum, this can suck contaminates into the housing. The Monster winch breather eliminates this issue. In a situation with the winch fully submerged, you can count on the motor to operate at full capacity without any distractions. These benefits will ensure this winch is in prime working condition for the life of the vehicle.   

Controlling this 12000lbs pulling capacity workhorse is a breeze, a handy rechargeable wireless controller allowing the operator to control the winch from the front seat of the vehicle or up to 100ft away. Prefer a hard line connection, hook up the supplied remote cable and crack on with your recovery.  

Dealing with a tricky winch situation in the dark is not an issue. The wireless remote has a built-in flashlight handy for night time winching and camp use.

All the tech and features in the world won't help you if your winch line can't handle the force. That's why we opted for the highest performance Dyneema Synthetic Rope. Dyneema products are world-renowned in mining and offshore applications that need fiber strength up to 5 million pounds. Overkill for our winches.....We think not. Known for its high strength, water resistance, chemical resistance, UV resistance, and floatation, ensuring a long reliable service life for your winch.  

The Ironman 4x4 electric winch comes with a 5-year limited warranty. This offroad winch uses a universal bolt pattern for fitment to your bumper and includes all hardware and electrical wiring required for the procedure. Installation requires simple tools and a couple of hours.  WWB12000SR

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